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Note: This page will not be updated anymore from 14-Jan-2015. Updated information can be found here . Wizz Air offers flights from many ...

Note: This page will not be updated anymore from 14-Jan-2015. Updated information can be found here.

Wizz Air offers flights from many cities across Europe to Katowice, Poland. Prices to Katowice depend on the airport of departure and the time when the ticket is booked. For example, a one way ticket from London can be booked from £39.99 and a one way ticket from Dortmund already from €29.99 and even lower.

Arriving at Katowice Airport

When you arrive in Katowice, you can take a bus from Katowice Airport to the railway station of Katowice, here you can find more information about transportation to and from the airport.

Where to go from Katowice

You have an option to go from Katowice to Krakow or Przemyśl. Travelers, who arrive later in the afternoon, can take the IC6300 from Krakow directly to Lviv. Travelers, who arrive earlier in Katowice, have an option to travel to Przemyś and cross the border there.

It takes around 6 hours to travel to Przemyśl from Katowice, so for most travelers arriving in Katowice the IC6300 is one of the best options. This offers early arriving for travelers to have a look around in Katowice or Krakow and maybe even combine their trip with a stay in one of these cities.

Train IC 6300 from Przemyśl D 52

From the railway station of Katowice you need to take a train to Krakow, from Krakow train IC6300 which departs at 20:59 from Krakow and will arrive the next morning in Lviv around 06:03 or 07:15.

For the trip back to Katowice you can take train D 52, this train departs from Lviv at 23:59 and arrives in Krakow around 07:13 in the morning. From here you can take a bus or train to Katowice.

Please check the site of the Polish Railways for actual times.


Travelers from other cities, or those who arrive earlier in Krakow or Katowice, can travel to the border city Przemyśl. From there they have the possibility to take a bus from the bus terminal next to the train station. There is also an option to cross the border on foot: you should take a bus to Medyka, cross the border, and take “marshrutka” (yellow taxi bus) to Lviv.

Advice: For easier way of traveling, we suggest you take one of the buses from the bus terminal. There are time tables available, but due to border control these timetables are mostly not followed.


Please be careful in Przemyśl and on the border of Ukraine. Unofficial taxi’s can offer you a taxi service to Lviv, many of these people are honest, but there are some that would scam you with the price when arriving in Lviv. Please, arrange the fee with the driver beforehand, or take official transport.

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